Feedback of testnet

alright, it seems like I have to share my experience of using alex lab testnet.
my experience testing ALEX Lab using order book or swap has not experienced any obstacles. until 2 days ago the web experienced an error and could not be accessed and all tokens that had been deposited were returned to the wallet. Limit orders, market orders and swaps are all done well and carefully.

i noticed a small thing before making this report. that is, in the trade history section of the lower right corner I can’t show more of my trade history because the button doesn’t work.

discord: 4Four#1176
interacting wallet: ST39VRCZHNGXP8CHC32DJK9DD78MX9M7A8Z1QN3EB
mainnet address: SP39VRCZHNGXP8CHC32DJK9DD78MX9M7A8WTYM0DE

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it looks like the way the list of orders or transaction history is displayed still needs improvement :thinking:
I remember that this also caught my attention :face_with_monocle:

Hopefully, this too will be corrected soon :+1:


Thanks for the feedback. We will look into the details.

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