Feedback of using ALEX Lab testnet

This is my brief feedback on using ALEX Lab on testnet period :

  • Bridge, swap, pool, stake, and farm
    All feature i tried and experienced are good and no error / bug

  • UI / UX
    It is easy to use all features on ALEX Lab because the UI and UX so clear and eye catching. Maybe if i can suggest to add/show more gradient background at the website

  • WEB 3
    there’s still an error occurs when our device has 2 ALEX Lab compatible wallet installed (Xverse and Hiro) they will appear together every time i tried to do a transaction

Thank you and i hope it help a little for your development and i will always support ALEX Lab .!

Stacks address: {ST2098VXBX9P9T0J20V8MK21AW29R5N96XSFPW9XT}

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goodwork sir nice job.