Feedback on Alex Network Testnet

so first of all starting with my STX wallet address [ST1JKNDJCCCKV9RAYJS95HXS4EFXZNVKXHWMDRY6T]

i had got the whitelist by filling the form and today i had testted the whole alex incentivised testnet
in my first opinion, i would like to say all the functions of the testnet works seemlessly fine and also the uiis good with first time testers…
which makes it very easy to understand…
it shows the hard work that the team does behind.
thanks to the devs.

but it also have some CONS, i had get with 2 of them.

  1. the bridge works fine from the stx address but it takes a lot of time to be shown on sepolia network, which cause the people to loose fate as there amount been settled or not.

  2. when i had done the transcation confirmed from the stx address in my hiro wallet after confirmation when i check on the block eplorer page, it shows there is no transcations and it happens with almost all of the feature like - stake, add liquidity and swap etc.

but i think thats for the testnet is launched to make it more comfortable for the mainnet users.
atlast. thanks to the team.
i am providing my work screenshots, pls have a look above it.