Feedback on Testnet Orderbook

Stacks address:{SPNNFAM88J85E3XK17N5HH49ZPEAJQE398JCTDNR}
Just some feedback and suggestions according to picture i attached above:

  1. Block Information text on bottom left corner sometimes overlaying other text information on screen, it’s annoying. Kindly make it smaller and not block other text or info on the screen.
  2. There is some space on marker number 2 on my attachment above, maybe it can be used to add withdrawal/deposit history trx, as we know tx on stack is kind a bit slow sometimes it make user be nervous after do a deposit/withdrawal but balance still not updated. It will be a great experience and make more comfort user if they can track the status of deposit/withdrawal tx without leaving the Orderbook UI.
  3. I cant find market order options here. Maybe it will show up in next Update. IDK.
  4. The weird pop up balance when i click STX balance beside of my STACK Address, it’s only showing up other token name instead of total balance i have, maybe just remove this popup dialog and make detail balance only shown on the full horizontal balance bar only and make it permanent will be better. And add available trading balance info below it.

Discord ID: {androidmod179#5780}
Telegram ID: {@initial_build}

Thanks for your suggestion, we will take into consideration of your suggestion.

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your welcome sir. and thanks for response :slight_smile: