Feedback report on Alex Bridge and other features - Derek

Generally eveything went fine. I have used the bridge 6 times back and forward and it worked well in both directions.
Only one time I got a strange error message (see picture below) but it has disappeared once I have refreshed the page.

I have only found few small bugs and I also have few suggestions that can improve the product.

Sometimes I got the message “Insufficient sUSDT balance” when balance was available. Also in this case a refresh solved the issue.

When I start the bridge action, it says that it will take ~10-30min. Sometimes it was true but other times took longer (more than one hour even if I used high fees option).
I think it would be better to use a timer. It will give a better experience to the users.

While waiting for the bridge, sometime there was an error message. I had to refresh the page and everything went well again.

Not sure it is related, but something is wrong with the explorer.
After every bridge confirmation I can check the transaction on the explorer.
However if I want to see how many transactions I have done from my wallet, then it shows zero TXs.
The explorer is also very very slow.

Finally, I suggest to replace the “max” button with a bar from 0% to 100%.
Discord invitation from medium does not work (twitter one is fine).

About the other features, I have tried swap, pool and stake and everything worked very smoothly.