Feedback, suggestions, and bug reports for ALEX lab

I’ve tried ALEX lab testnet and I have some suggestions, feedback, and bugs when trying to transact in ALEX lab.

  1. At first I tried swapping some assets and the transaction took quite a long time (About 5 - 8 minutes). I think that’s a pretty long transaction for a token swap transaction. Users have to wait 5 - 8 minutes just to swap tokens which is where that time is very influential in crypto whose prices fluctuate at any time.

  2. When trying to trade on “Orderbook”, initially I wanted to deposit 4 of my assets. I have typed the amount I want to deposit and approve in the wallet. After a few minutes, the transaction has been successful and the balance on the website is still 0 (same as before the deposit) even though the balance in the wallet has decreased. Users must refresh the ALEX lab website to be able to see the latest balance on the website. I find this a bit annoying for users. Likewise when you want to withdraw assets.

  3. When we want to set the amount of assets we have for a buy limit, users usually use the sliding feature (0% - 100%) like the GIF I sent below. The balance that appears in the “Amount” column will not change if the user slides and doesn’t release it. Supposedly, the balance that appears will continue to change continuously if the user uses this 0% - 100% sliding feature. I think this shortcoming, the ALEX lab website can’t read live what users are doing.

  4. The orderbook graph is intermittent. I don’t think this is a fatal thing, however, if this chart continues, the user will be more comfortable in viewing and monitoring the charts here, so that if there are novice traders, they will not be confused to read the charts in the ALEX lab.

  5. Provide a light/dark theme feature for the ALEX lab website, so users can choose what theme they need in certain situations. This will increase the level of user satisfaction in UI design and features in ALEX lab.

I think that’s all I can say for this ALEX lab. Overall I am quite satisfied to try to transact here, although in my opinion there should be some improvements and additions. I believe ALEX lab can compete with other big trade websites. Keep up the hard work team. Best wishes for all team members.

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Ah yess light theme mode is important too

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-3 thanks for your feedback