Feedback & suggestions

Hello, ALEX community.
My experience utilizing your web testnet will be shared.

I’ll provide some recommendations.

  1. If the candle images on the ALEX/xUSD tokens are changed to resemble the candles on the xBTC/xUSD and STX/xUSD tokens, it will be simpler to understand them. In the image, I added a white circle.

  2. If there is only the max feature, adding the available amount will be less than ideal. I’ve outlined in red.

  3. Next, you can add the Add LP, stake, or farm features in addition to the swap feature.

Stacks address: {SP1SBK6YVFTN1SS0VXF63Z60HQNPD6V4WW8HB34CK}

this was my first time logging in I was using on mobile had to zoom out to see the whole page. if you could look into that optimise the page also for mobile.

stacks address:{SP3XRPEM69VBKJ73P0MHESXYS7V33V6BV4SJEEP1K}

The chart reflects the testnet price, it will be synced with the market price when launched on mainnet

This is for the ALEX Orderbook test only, swap, staking, and yield farming features are LIVE now on main net.

The Max function, we will take into consideration.

Thanks for your feedback.