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UI Home Page:

  1. The UI theme here is too monotonous and simple, like not showing the identity of the project, maybe by adding other colors and a small banner explaining about the project. A good DEX (Decentralized Exchange) web design should have some important elements that can make it easier for users to use the platform.
  2. Security should be a top priority in DEX design. The design should consider things like the use of secure technology, secure data processing, and protection against cyber attacks.
    for example on the swap exchange menu. there when doing a swap directly to confirm the transaction, it would be better to add the option to approve the transaction, this is because users often feel hesitant and want to take the choice of other tokens they want to transact.
  3. An attractive and professional design can attract users to use the platform. An easy-to-understand and pleasant appearance can give a positive impression and increase user confidence.
  4. The use of mobile devices is increasing in transactions. Therefore, a good design must be able to run on various mobile devices and be easy to use.
  5. A good DEX platform should provide documentation and help for users. The documentation and help should be easily accessible and can assist users in using the platform.
  6. In providing feedback, I request you to make access through the form as well, I think this will effectively minimize bots and copy and paste from other members.
  7. Language features can also be useful for users with limited language skills.