Feedback Testnet AlexLabs from me


I tested the transfer of funds from Stacks to Ethereum, and from ethereum to Stacks, no problems or errors. But the estimation is that waiting for wrapping to finish takes more than 3 hours for success wrapping

UPD: Transfer funds from Ethereum to Stacks.
and from stacks wrap to etherum.
Everything is good.


Add information in the form of notifications about approval of gas limits, fees and accurate estimates of wrapping, and during the first interaction when transferring from Ethereum to Stacks. Now a popup opens with a transaction confirmation, but on the first interaction, you agree to the limit first, then click again to complete the transaction.

In contracts on the Ethereum network, add a name for the function when you withdraw funds. It’s now in Methods of holding contract addresses.

When you choose to transfer from Ethereum to Stacks, “Time to wrap” 8 blocks is shown by default, but 5 minutes is shown in the transaction confirmation pop-up menu. Screenshots (1) and (2).