Feedback testnet and bug for click orderbooks on testnet

the feedback for me is that the brigde process takes a very long time maybe because there are a lot of tx bridges and there are parts that have an error when I click the testnet orderbook it’s still an error and the rest hopefully can be developed properly for the mainet thank you for the great work of the team for the totality and effort team to build projects that will be big in the future, keep fighting I will always support this project sir, I love this project : )

Stacks Test Address: {ST157VFEVVC31DSB3WC5FYFZE3DG3SER36MC1E9T8}

ETH Test Address: {0xd1Ee51b0E7C964FC49f952347Fadcd997F56B8c7}

Discord ID: {1045138657775984690}

Telegram ID: {1627238071