Feedback testnet bridge ALEX Lab Foundation

This project is really great, the features are interesting and there are some things that make me really like it, namely:

  • The transaction is quite long but successful
  • Elegant and easy to use
  • The user can understand the menu perfectly
  • There are no defects in the design
  • The product runs according to what the user expects always success and hopefully it can be a promising project

Thank You.

ETH Address : 0xBd6239C56a7127CD583b10eD460c4E73BC91b866

Discord : abangdwie#7988
Twitter : @Pemulung0nline
Telegram : @CakraNft

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Stacks address: {STR2MS703FEBFZJF1M6408N2AV4C7G2YCRZ8TMAH}

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