Feedback testnet for me

■ incredible project I have tried all the features. I hope this project can be even better when the mainnet arrives. needs to be improved like UI/UX or other menus. I believe in the dev and team behind all this! warm greetings from me.
■ very good I like the features offered by the team, as a user I feel very comfortable and confident that this project can reach the expected point together!
■ I am very happy to have tried and used your app/dapps, what a great experience to be one of the people to try this! we hope what happened here will be successful on mainnet and all hard working team i really appreciate your effort.
■ This project is very good, the features are interesting and I think that in the future it will be simpler to make it easier for these users.
■ It’s a new and great experience to be one of the people who try your product in this testnet phase. And I am very grateful for having tried the product so that I can get experience in carrying out transactions that are in this feature
■ can be used as it should, no problems or errors, everything works as it should. When I tried the features in the project, when I wanted to make a transaction I had to wait 10-30 minutes, maybe because this is an experiment in the project and hopefully in the future it will be smoother and more stable without any problems.
■ This project is very good and it will be great if it is improved again in the feature, as it should be. So that all users feel comfortable!
■ From me, thank you very much for trying the project and to the dev, team and everyone involved in this project, always successful and smooth in building community. And keep the spirit in making this project!


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I’m so happy to have tried and used your app/dapps