Feedbacks Testnet bridge

Hello sir, I am a participant in the ALEXLAB Bridge Testnet
I have tried the available features and my transaction was smooth and successful, I did not find any significant problems when testing the bridge feature, but please:

  1. I have to reload my website several times when I want to bridge sepolia usdt to stacks chain because I get an error that usdt is not available
  2. Please add another coin to the bridge because I get a lot of faucets, to repeat transactions with different coins
  3. The website looks special and I like it, but please change the menu to be better, because it’s like my screen isn’t enough to display everything but when I try to swipe it, there’s no other additions, just like accent knick-knacks that aren’t needed and instead reduce to the tidiness of the website
  4. Please add light mode

My Wallet address
Stacks mainnet : SP3FCG70SF7WQJMEDK3V6KPN38AN45JJE586QFAAP
Stacks alextest : ST3FCG70SF7WQJMEDK3V6KPN38AN45JJE5AS06JP1
EVM mainnet & testnet : 0x62F65C063a288f58aAa1f1782baE23F9452cFD21