Few Generic flaws in Orderbook

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Issue 1: The assets are not getting changed when user tries to change the asset from Orderbook Deposit section. It just stays on Xusd (Inconsistent error- Doesn’t happen most of the time)

Issue 2: Withdraw Requests are not shown under Funds in real time. I had to manually refresh the page to get the grid updated under Funds (Same with Deposit Requests)

Issue 3: When user rejecting transactions, no return message saying user denied transaction or so.

Discord ID: DayalKS2#5405

Telegram ID: @DayalKS2

For issue 1, we have tried many times, but still, we can not reproduce the bug.
For issue 2, we are working on the iteration for auto update of the webpage.
For issue 3, It seems we are not getting the local API notification of the user denial behavior from the HIRO wallet. we will continue to investigate this suggestion.