First Experience for Using AlexLab Orderbook

Hello AlexLab Team.I’m glad to be here and be a part of AlexLab Community. At the begining, I’m impressed with the web’s UI and UX because It was very simple and elegant with their color combination. But I have some issue here. First, I’ve try to deposit on the AlexLab Orderbook but nothing happen. I’m trying to deposit single asset first then waiting for a while and nothing happen. Because I think it was bug on single asset, then I’ve try to deposits on double asset but still nothing happen for 15 minutes.

I found more issue about the web.

  1. Deposit and withdraw process took a longer time that I expected. (at least 10 minutes based my experience).
  2. My wallet amount was decreased, but not showed on the alexlab balance and I can’t create buy/sell or doing anything.
  3. After waiting atleast 15 minutes my balance finnaly arrived.
  4. Delay on creating buy and sell order. the trigger condition on buy order can’t be triggered quickly when I was entered higher, lower, and equal with market amount

In my conclusion, the major problem was on the transaction speed which is very important part on the trading site. Please increase the web proccessing. Then I have a suggestion to add dashboard page/sub menu on the web to facilitate user to see their asset or monitoring and managing their asset. Thank you!



great post thank you so much

Deposit transactions need to be confirmed on stacks blockchain, it usually takes about 10 min to proceed

The orders are matched instantly with the match engine.

Thanks for your feedback.

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