Funds not received since yesterday


I haven’t received the funds since yesterday. The deadline is continuously increasing

Here is the order number :


I hope you can help me.

Thank you


Hi, welcome to the forum. Has the transaction gone through now because it looks like it should be okay? If there is congestion in the network the transfer may take longer than estimated.

Unfortunately, I still have nothing on my wallet

IT’s fixed. Thank you, support is great.

I can’t deposit my SUSDT. why ?

Hello, same here funds not sent since yesterday. Order number 0x5980d3f75db03a08f0d441142539178853e86f52a91b94311addc9bba6b12618-177

Thank you

hello, I also wanted to report a similar issue, I transferred funds and have not received them yet. the transfer happened yesterday . This is the transfer hash.


Similar issue with me - been stuck in bridge for over 24 hours - 0x7f10316e923bdbfb97cab7d4c018e65890d3ec5c20ea3d24f44aed4fcd4a50c0-163