General Experience while testing your Product - ALex testnet

I have carefully and diligently tested all features multiple times but no bug nor a single lag was experienced whatsoever.

Im highly impressed at the simplicity of the testnet interface, very easy to navigate for a novice like me.

Connection was perfect, no fluctuation at all.

Transaction was so moderately slow while the site responded super slowly i.e it takes like 25mins or more for the corresponding balance to be effected…Thats not cool

All features responded perfectly except for the bridging sections which took longer period to succeed while bridging back and forth sUSDT on stack chain to USDT on Sepolia chain …Please try to find a solution to this slow transaction…

stacks mainnet address: SP3VZ6HBWHP71NEG57GW39X2NFSV7GE5KXBMK2N1C

Stacks Testnet Address: ST3VZ6HBWHP71NEG57GW39X2NFSV7GE5KXBK2XGHW

Metamask Address: 0x58574b41E07879AbdA26b346325e7b81140b0903

My Email add. Used for registration:

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