Global timer bar for when result of executed orders becomes available

Is it possible to show a global timer top of the page or in the cornor of the page here:

Something like a bar filling up to 100% when orders are finalized together? Is that a good way to say it?

To show when the resulting xUSD from executing orders BTC → xUSD for example will be availble for new trades again.

In this example I know I have ~5500 xUSD incoming from these orders but I do not know when I will be able to trade with those tokens:

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I think other users have opted for making the funds available right away, to be more in line with centralized exchanges but I am not sure if that is possible. That would give the ultimate user experience probably.

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I believe with 2.1 soon we will see many of these optimizations possible!

This is a relatively an issue not caused by design, but by the settlement mechanism.
Adding a patch does help in some way, but it also gives complexity to understanding how your funds work.
We will soon launch a pre-settle mechanism, that gives an imminent unlock of your trading capital to use.
this should fix the problem.
Thanks for the feedback

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