Goods and A BAD

It’s great to hear that everything went well with the testnet, with the exception of the orderbook feature. It’s important to identify and address any issues during testing, so that they can be resolved before the product is released to the public.

Regarding the orderbook feature, it would be helpful to know what specific issues were encountered. Was the feature not functioning properly, or were there errors or bugs in the code? Were the results of the orderbook feature inaccurate or inconsistent?

Once the issues with the orderbook feature are identified, the development team can work to resolve them and ensure that the feature is fully functional before the product is released. It’s also a good idea to continue testing and refining the feature to ensure that it meets the needs of users and operates smoothly in real-world conditions.

Overall, it’s great to hear that the ALEX lab testnet went well, and I’m sure the development team will work to address any issues and improve the product as needed.