History on transaction (Wallet Hiro & Web)

At this hour i tried to bridge again from usdt network stacks to sepolia there were a few points that bothered me for this transaction when bridging usdt stacks to sepolia on the web when confirming transactions on the wallet history displayed on the web it took about 2-3 minutes to appear whereas on the web itself there is also no history of activity so i tried to make 3x transactions and the results themselves on the wallet were only read once while on the web it took about 5 minutes to display everything, maybe my suggestion is that the history when transactions can be accelerated so that traders who make bridges are no confused whether they have made a transaction or not because the balance when confirming the transaction does not change immediately and takes about a few minutes

address stacks : { ST1AB6HPM9TPE5FR0XZW8MHYRE0QBEMQW9WD1W92D }