Issue Report Template

Below is the template for reporting an issue.
Please make sure you have provided your Stacks wallet address for Testnet rewards.

Stacks address:{Insert your wallet address within the braces}.
Descriptions:{Insert your issue description here with details}
Screenshot:{Add screenshots showing your issue to help us identify the problem}:

Discord ID: {Insert your Discord ID for us to contact you for issue details}
Telegram ID: {Insert your Telegram ID for us to contact you for issue details}



Discord: DanT#7443

Issue report : I’ve tested everything needed to test on the orderbook and I must say u guys did a great work. It was so fun testing the orderbook.
I encountered some problems while testing the orderbook and I’ll say them now.
Firstly, I noticed that when I placed order using limit function and the order has been settled , it takes some time before it reflected in wallet and it shouldn’t be so.
Secondly when withdrawing assets, after I entered the amount and approved the transaction in my wallet, some transactions failed which isn’t supposed to be so. Although the asset didn’t leave the orderbook but I got charged of gas fee. Had it been it were to be Mainnet, this can lead to loss of fund and waste of time.
Lastly when depositing, some transactions failed but I noticed it might be the work of bugs so pls take note of that part too.

It’s nice participating in this testnet. We are in heading to the moon :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Stacks address:{ST3KKMJ95GZF0WBVP1W0TMRRV3NC4RM6MEE72D0A9}.
Descriptions:{I find alex’s swap feature quite friendly
Display updates are always delayed. I usually f5 the page to confirm again}


Discord ID: {vuongld1#2482}
Telegram ID: {@doducvuong}

Stacks address: SP2A0MEFJ8E773768BNM4Y33P1CFB4YBJ7T9AJ4GT
Descriptions: Withdraw token failed after Deposit on Orderbook

Discord ID: ozzyfathur#8061
Telegram ID: @ozzyfathur

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Stacks address: SP2SV3QA3M1PJQ71RM4GX1KC1N25D1SHTQJ81HJJA
Descriptions: Cannot Withdraw token with blank wallet confirmation on Orderbook

Discord ID: ozzygrohl#5625
Telegram ID: @grohlz

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Below is the template for reporting an issue.

Please make sure you have provided your Stacks wallet address for Testnet rewards.

Stacks address: SP31A0B5K60KHWM3S3JD0B47TG3R43PT1KRV7V53B
Descriptions: Deposit UI issue / when i click xBTC and continue deposit / they select xUSD Again / not a big issue but a little bit uncomfortable ( Better User experience makes better servide)


Discord ID: money0stack9#2400
Telegram ID: @money0stack9

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Description: First and foremost i want to commend the team for a job well done and for building an interface so amazing and easy to use. I test the bridge function, got my testnet token on time and i’m able to bridge Xusd to USDC in eth (georli). The only bug is i’m unable to bridge the eth usdc back to stack.

Discord ID: I’m_favoured#1107


The design of the program is very good, and a little optimization of the speed and latency issues would be perfect

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Alex Address:

I was able to bridge from From Hiro wallet to MetaMask without any failed transaction.
The first xUSD i bridged took a lot of time to complete while the rest was completed with few minutes. Same thing happened when i tried to bridge from MetaMask to Hiro Wallet, it also took a lot of time.

Discord: ToluEnoch#1130
Telegram: @ToluEnoch

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Firstly, thanks for this opportunity, twas really superb. Tested :white_check_mark:, as a web developer, I would say the UI interface is great and this is so user friendly. Team did a great job here.

Discord: DronX#6454
Telegram: MbahSamson5

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