Limit, amount token, amount we will get- display suggestion

Feature Name:

Current UX of the Feature:
[The tab that amount will we get in the middle between Limit Price and Amount of token we will sell tab.]
[The amount slider one, recently your slider point on multiples of 20%. Please add point at 50% too, i know we can slide to 50% manually]
[The last one, the menu button (tri-stripe, Figure 1) is not clickable. Currently we can only drag cursor to the button for more menu. Suggest: It should be better if you make that button clickable]
2022-08-10 12_44_59-ALEX Lab
Figure 1

Suggested Change:
The current feature is not familiar and little bit annoying, usually the setlist will be like this:

  • Limit Price
  • Total amount we trade
  • Amount token we will get

(Sorry i cannot make a votting post)


Pls go to orderbook page, and you will see limit price and trade history