Limit order Unresponsiveness

It has been a great process so far.
Although its still in testnet but the speed can be improved.

Noticed that i could not sell xBTC/xUSD even when the order book showed that it should have been filled given there was another user willing to BUY.
But then I could actually make complete sell orders on ALEX/xUSD.


Thanks for the feedback.
Can you provide a screenshot of the bug?

Wow!! That was days ago and even if I took a screenshot it wouldn’t properly describe it.

To explain further,
I made an order to sell xBTC for some xUSD and even when there was a buy order the transaction did not go through.

While that was pending, I opened another order to sell ALEX for some xUSD and the transaction through but the xBTC/xUSD transaction was still pending and I eventually had to cancel.