Limit Price: Defect when entering order amount

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I encountered defects when entering the amount in xUSD for which I want to buy the selected cryptocurrency.
When entering a value of 10, 100 or 1000 in the ‘Total’ field, the value changes to completely different amounts.
For example, $100 is converted to $215 in the case of Alex.
In the case of STX, the value of $1,000 is converted to $9,9999999999999815.
And for BTC, $100 converts to $999,999,999,999,999,998.
This is in the attached video.

Google Chrome (version): 105.0.5195.125

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Interesting use. I have never used the lower field to input my trade value always the one above where it says “amount” (xBTC). You were using this in prior versions without issue?

I am wondering if it is meant as an input field or just to state the value.

I did see mention that users want this feature on swap (L1) to be able to input either the “from token” value or the “to token” value.

Yes, I’ve been using it practically since I started testing on Alex Orderbook.
That’s why it caught my attention that this field behaves differently than before.
And I’ll be honest, it doesn’t look good :thinking:
BTW, testing in such a large community has the advantage that you can really find a lot of interesting use cases with different settings and configurations :face_with_monocle: :slight_smile:
Even before new users on mainnet do :wink:

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‘Total’ field (xUSD) is missing from the ‘Market Price’ window.
And on this issue I made a separate notification today.

I think it does not exclude the sense of ‘Market Price’ orders and it is very helpful :thinking:
Especially when the user has a certain amount of USD to buy.
Or wants to sell for a certain amount expressed in USD).

Instead of converting on a calculator, for example, someone simply enters the amount one’s wants to buy/sell for and Orderbook converts it at the current Market Price.

Binance has this and that’s where I may be used to it from.
But I’m probably not the only one :slight_smile:
There you can even switch between the amount of cryptocurrency and the amount in USD by placing a ‘Market Price’ order :astonished: :+1:
And some habits are hard to change :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into the details.

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