Long delay in displaying the xUSD wrapping order on the USDC in 'Order History - bug

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{0x59af0faF7fb0Daef2215D7d826dbD5Aa4409Bc41} testnet

The xUSD to USDC wrapping order does not appear in ‘Order History’ until several minutes after it has been signed in Hiro wallet.

In the case described, the order to wrap xUSD to USDC appeared after about 5 minutes.
The USDC to xUSD wrapper order appeared as soon as it was approved in Metamask.
And in ‘‘Order History’’ it is before the order wrapping xUSD to USDC, although it was placed after it.

In summary, the lack of such information in the ‘‘Order History’’ immediately after the order was placed may prompt the user to re-submit that order, unnecessarily…
It may also be a cause of user dissatisfaction with the performance of Stacks Bridge.

Browser: Google Chrome 106.0.5249.119 (ver)


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