Mini performance test on OrderBook and suggestions

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I decided to do a mini performance test on OrderBook.
I just entered several Alex token buy / sell orders one after the other, typing the current buy / sell price from the OrderBook.
The entered order practically immediately passed from Open Orders to Matched Orders. The funds were transferred to the deposit account on OrderBook after about 18 minutes, and in the second series of transactions it was after about 15 minutes.

I know we are working on the Bitcoin via Stacks network, but I suppose for some mainnet users this handling time may be difficult to accept. Especially when the market gets hot and the trading time will be important.
In my opinion, apart from safety and functionality, time is the third, no less important key to Alex OrderBook’s success . Heard and read a bit about the hyperchains on the Stacks blockchain, but that might still take a while.

The second suggestion is to add one more column in the Trade history tab, after ‘Date’, Execution Date ', i.e. the actual receipt of funds from the trade.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Browser: Google Chrome 104.0.5112.82 version

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We will launch a function named pre-settlement on the orderbook, this will help to increase the speed of transaction settlement.

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Sounds excellent :+1: