More UX/UI Comments

Test setup: macOS, Brave Browser, 13" Display.

Please note I have prepared screenshots for all the blow items but as my permissions are limited to 1 media upload per post I have only included 1.

A dialog to prepare the user for the initial signature that’s required before the wallet popup may be helpful for newer or unsure users. i.e. “Upon deposit you will be asked to sign a transaction in your wallet, this is to… for more info see {link}”

A link to deposit in top right menu may be helpful as it wasn’t immediately apparent where the deposit area was. Somewhere in this element: class=“flex gap-2 sm:gap-6 items-center”

“~” sign proceeding total balance could be seen as a “-” sign. It obviously isn’t, but due to font and size it could be misconstrued.

Limit sell order failure modal message occasionally disappeared quickly. Was unable to reliably recreate the scenario where it disappeared within a second or 2 but it did happen on at least 2 occasions. Possibly scrolling or setting focus on another element was the cause but it wasn’t obvious.

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Discord ID: PuddleGalleon#9287

Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.