My Bridge Experience on STX Bridge

Hello AlexLab Team. I have trying the STX Bridge platform and facing some issue and want to give a suggestion on the details bellow.

First, I’m facing long pending issue while bridging xUSD to USDC. Based on my attached pics, I’m bridging on 11 pm and still in progress until now (10.15 am). So, I choose to bridge USDC to xUSD. But, the problem was there and I want to give some suggestion about that on my second detail.

Second, I’m trying to add USDC Goerli faucet and not detected on STX Platform. It was the platform issue or the contract was different? If the contract was different, I think will be better to add " add USDC contract" to Metamask button there, so it will be helpful for the user who use your platform.

Third, I think Order History must be modify and make it more simple in my opinion. Minimize the draft on the order history will be beter to watch and be better to track the user bridging history. Looks on my pics. I just made 3 bridge and order history so much there. Imagine If the users want to bridge it multiple times in a row with different amount. It will be hard to track. Maybe you can make one draft per transactions and put some animation details on bridging proccess. I think it will be better than we put three draft on one transactions. That’s all. Thank you and keep improving!

My Metamask Address: 0xD7FCE914df1876192A2b73C7c17f1dd00C2dc266


Hi Serein,
here You are USDC token address contract in Metamask Goreli Testnet, please: 0x7Ffd58D5bB024A982D918B127F9AbEf2C974dFCD
I hope it will be useful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks sir, I’m trying to bridge usdc to xusd right now. I saw the history about my transactions and just one (last bridge) of two transaction was successful. And I was very happy because my reported issue about USDC doesn’t show now fixed. But, I see my bridge xUSD to USDC was much lower than it should be and not same with targeted amount prediction before. Then, I faced that the bridge USDC to xUSD doesn’t show on the history (it’s about 15 mins and I was reload my page too). Hope it will get fixed soon. Thank you!

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Thanks Serein for your feedback :+1:
And I encourage you to continue testing and sharing your opinions in the next submissions.