My experience with Alex testnet

  1. I tried telegram notifications and this function did not work, i have not received any. Input hashes but no positive result. Tx was not found or no reply. My telegram @jazzsalad

  2. Hiro wallet shows that txs are pending although they have been already finalised.

  3. But the bridge works fine! I was shooting from both hands all directions and no issues found with the entire transfers.

Stacks address: ST3PR5RPDKPX865M4DFSCWA3479JSF12G1YSJM7Y
My MM: 0xD12bCcC110623Fc96AB079864a7cc762a073DF4C
Discord: yuka#0472


Discord: Gmaster#0289
Telegram: @KamalUmar1

Description:{ the experience i have with Alex testnet is that the bridge works absolutely fine }