My Feedback ALEX Bridge Testnet x Sepoila

This project is very good, the features are interesting and there are several things that make me really like it, namely: 1. The transactions are a little faster than usual. Because I also know that transactions on the STX network are a bit long, but this ALEX Bridge is very different 2. Elegant and easy to use 3. the user can understand the menu perfectly 4. There are no flaws in the design 5. the product works according to what the user expects success always and hopefully it will be a promising project when the mainnet comes.

My alextest Wallet addres : {STVY4C1TQF3NM1ZYBVCGSSJYDA37C6GF8H5752MJ}
My Metamask addres : {0xC0ad81413C0Abd70302B1615A0a4f9b4699C0481}

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