My Feedback and suggestion improve UI design

Hello, thank you for giving me an opportunity to try out the bridge test. Very nice experience while using Alex lab Bridge. This is some my feedback and suggestion.

  1. For UI, i think its very good and friendly for eyes. I like solid colors that are provided as well. But some appearence maybe can be changed, here’s the details :slight_smile:
  • As you can see at picture that i posted here, i think header section (like swap, pool, stake menus) doesn’t need scroll button section. More clearly i put information in the picture.
  • I think it will be more efficient for users if you provide option of the amount of the percentage of the balance that they want to bridge.
  • Hey, i miss theme option, can you provide it?
  1. For process transaction, honestly i didn’t find any problem. Everything is smooth except the time neede for one bridge proccess from stacks network to ethereum network. Of course i understand that this problem is from stacks network it self.

  2. Lastly, i hope AlexLab team can add some feature what i suggest. and be the best of one project in the world. Lets make Alex Lab more better and better.

Thank you very much
Stacks address:{ST3492A5ZGZ2K71RVTWPR15H2MSR3HSDD77EKSPK1}