My Feedback and suggestions for ALEXTEST BRIDGE

  1. there is no FAQ menu, this is an important menu for a new platform, many things will be asked by users who are new to it, so make it easier for them to find answers by adding a FAQ menu

  2. the swap menu and add liquidity/remove liquidity is still to simple, many menus need to be added such as : 25%, 50%, and 75% percentages, or gas fees

  3. adding a guide link about your testnet on your website/platform, this feature is useful to make it easier for users to work on your testnet.

  4. an error occurs for the display using a mobile phone when clicking ORDERBOOK (Testnet) the web display experiences an error, is this feature only for desktop mode? if so, you better add a warning or massage that says something like “this feature can only can only be accessed by desktop users” this is so as not to confuse users

  5. I’m impressed and also your website can use customization for mobile users, all feature feels smooth and almost all of my transaction going well and success, overall from my experience, it’s a very nice website with minimum error and bug, the ui/ux. it’s simple and easy use for new user, i love the color combination very user friendly


Discord ID: { sychonix#5971 }
Telegram ID: { @sychonix }