My feedback azka#2453

my name is azka, first of all, open the alexlabs app, the appearance is pretty good and the colors are not too bright.
when I started to do bridge, I encountered several problems including: 1.bridge takes quite a long time 2. the history display appears empty even though the wallet has been confirmed 3. When I bridge Sepolia to the stack chain, there are transactions that are not read, while the Sepolian chain has been confirmed, I am attaching a picture hopefully in the future we can fix it together, success continues team

this is txhash when I bridged 1500 sepolian usdt to the stack chain, I confirmed but I checked there were no transactions, sorry if I’m wrong 0x6de17b9f740cdda17b2d9aea49e530584805375890fef7817508d7f71a13a2bb


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