My feedback for ALEX bridge testnet

firstly I unwrapped sUSDT to Sepolia ETH network,
it took long enough to bridge from sUSDT to USDT,
I tried a small value of 10$ with 2$ fee and the second 1000$ with 5$ fee, it took almost 2 hours for both
and there is no problem in my opinion, this is quite smooth
on the bridge from USDT ETH to sUSDT, everything was without problems, but with a faster process,
from USDT to sUSDT, it took less than an hour to land.
I’ll try again, and hope I don’t find any bugs or problems

If there is I will write it back here
good luck for ALEX.

ETH :0xd5146B77C1A086fF921d347Bd50D78b8eeA0cAa9