My feedback testnet

After testing deposits online and opening buy limit and sell limit positions, I noticed an oddity in the “Open Orders” section. Normally, when an order has been completed, the Open Orders page should be blank and not show any cancellations. So I think there is something wrong with your system.

Feedback: I’m happy with what you’ve presented on the web, it’s easy to understand and use, especially as a user who is more of a trader. I think there is still room for improvement in terms of loopholes in order execution.

Stacks address testnet : ST2ENXR43YPJTSNNXJYVQR62Y530YVDYD5HVFZ91K
Stacks address mainnet: SP2ENXR43YPJTSNNXJYVQR62Y530YVDYD5GB8EBV6

Can you provide screenshots based on the issues you described?