My honest feedback about Alex Testnet

Awesome project i have tried all the features. I hope this project can be even better when mainnet arrives. need to improve like UI/UX or other menu. I believe in the dev and team behind all of this! warm greetings from me.


In a rapidly evolving crypto ecosystem, the ability to facilitate safe and efficient trading between different networks is essential. Therefore, the ALEX LAB project can provide significant added value to the crypto community and facilitate the growth of the crypto ecosystem as a whole. However, this project must overcome the technical challenges and risks associated with developing a complex and constantly changing cryptocurrency network. I hope that the ALEX LAB team will continue to work hard and produce innovative and useful products for users.

  1. I have tried to unwrap thats coin on the alextest network
  2. The test is going well and need time to complete the bridge process at least 10-30 minutes but the real time its spent 1 hours at least.
  3. But its no problem, the result is done clearly and suitable with the amount of coin unwraped and the fee is suitable between low,standart and high option.
  4. But i think its really nice if the proccess of bridge is faster than now.
  5. Thats all my honest feedback about this alex bridge testnet
  6. Best Regards Faisal

Wallet mainnet : SP1JHHSF05F1NF68R2J4ES868HFFYBAGAWFZEP25N
Email :
discord username : faisal_a_u | ALEXBRIDGE Tester#7853

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