My personal Thought

first, the new ui seem good, cleraer and interisting. quite easy to operate even for newb in crypto space

i tried unwrap several time, and when try different gas fee, it seem no different, even when i tried to increase fee from ongoing transfer, nothing happen

it’s quite frustate too when awaiting our transfer show on history tab, need to refresh browser many time, i think it’s more comfortable to see our transaction real time, just to make sure nothing gonna wrong.

really can’t wait to see your improvement and your service on mainnet
stx addy : ST2KS4M9D4GBTTGK84P1D1YJH2C0J38HPX9KPBQ95
MM addy : 0x85dE3FED3b2359503c8CecBF06617e3F0873f78e