My Second Time Experience to Use Alexlab Testnet After Several Updates

Hello AlexLab Team, nice to see you again after several updates on your platform.
First of all, I want to appreciate your effort to hear my suggestion about minimize the bridge history few month ago and now the bridging history looks so much simple but also greater than before.
Second, I want to give some feedbacks after trying Alex Bridge platform after the updates below:

  1. Choosing language doesn’t take effect. I found that every menu was works very good but, changing language doesn’t take effect even I refreshing the page and clear my browser cache.

  2. Custom slippage can’t be clicked after moving on site suggestion (need to input slippage amount again). I’m trying to change the custom slippage and the platform choice was automatically change to custom slippage with the blue border. But, when I’m choosing suggested slippage and blue border was moving to them, I can’t choose my custom slippage that I’ve set before. I need to remove my custom slippage first then input the amount again before the custom slippage was applied with the blue border mark. I’m was expecting it can be improved by making custom slippage ‘clickable’ so we don’t need to remove the custom slippage that we have input before.

  3. I found a numeric “anomaly” on STX-ALEX remove LP. Here I want to remove some lp and press 3 on my keyboard but the system detected 2,… so when I want to remove 30, it detected 20,… It was also happening when I put number 3 on decimals after 40 (40,3) then system detecting 40,299. But it not happened on others decimals. (Update: It now just happened on 40.3 decimals became 40.299)

  4. Facing randomized issue, especially when I want to open orderbook menu.

Last, I want to say that I’m love the token list menu because it provided very details information about the coin and how to reach their community/project. Then, I recommended to give swap history on the bellow of swap page same as bridge history to help the user see latest interaction with Alex Bridge platform. Thank you!

My Metamask Address: 0xD7FCE914df1876192A2b73C7c17f1dd00C2dc266
Discord: RanggaHerdy#9735