My Sell order hasn't filled in, i am not sure if it is due to size

Discription { I actually made the same transaction 3 to 4 hrs before (35k BTC) from the one posted below, that transaction(sell order) didn’t go through either, so i canceled it and made another one with the current price target as limit (couple $$ less than current price at that time ass limit(32kBTC)). I did check another trading pair BUY ORDER and that went through, I am not sure if this happens with limit orders but i think 0.26 BTC is a good position size and money if one is trying to get profits Considering the entry price was lower, now i am basically back to same entry price. :frowning: }

Screenshot {


Discord ID { :sparkles:TitanZenergy#5190 }

Your order will be matched only if there are sell orders at the price of your limited buy order.