My Sugestion and Feedback ALexlabs

First of all,I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this amazing project,I have tried all the features in Alexlabs and here are my thoughts and suggestions :

  1. SWAP
    In this feature I tried to swap some tokens on Alexlabs,everything went smoothly and well, I like the appearance because it’s very elegant.

My suggestion might be to add a history feature to the swap menu so that users can see everything with one click.

In the feature I tried to add liquidity using the tokens in Alexapp,maybe in the future if you have mainnet it can be faster to make transactions and I encountered a problem when I removed liquidity, this took a very long time and my transaction is failed.

For this feature,I really like it because the stake feature, regardless of the project, is something that is very important for long-term holders like me. My hope in the future for security is that it will be strong and there will be no problems like some current projects are experiencing.

My suggestion is that if later Alexlabs can add NFT for staking it can attract NFT users to enter this project,for example we can use NFT to get alex coins or certain tokens.

this feature is very interesting because we can use it for IDO access

My advice that must be paid attention to is the amount of APR that we provide,the better the APR,the more people will take this feature,but we also have to pay attention to the projects that are obtained for IDOs,they must be good to attract interest, of course.

This feature is the most important thing if there are users coming from other chains, I have tried it, my suggestion is that if you are on the mainnet, the transaction process can be faster and fee-friendly.

Don’t forget that you also have to provide extra security for this feature because this feature is very vulnerable to hacking.

Totally i cant access this feature everyday because eror issue.

As for another suggestion from me for the future,maybe you can add an NFT or NFT market to Alexlabs,because art is part of web3.

KEEP BUILDING alexlabs and Congratulations on the achievement of ALEXLABS Teams so far.

Cant wait for mainnet time is so close