My Suggestion And Feedback in alex Orderbook

Stacks address Testnet : STAH2KAS3J4BVS1F6BTM2FKSAQ0461FG9FWRPCYJ
Stacks address Mainnet : SPAH2KAS3J4BVS1F6BTM2FKSAQ0461FG9EQ7S6ZZ

UI :

  • I think you need to move the claim test token under the profile to make it easier like my screenshot below
  • Please add more colour to your UI.
  • Add more theme
  • I found that your interface doesn’t have option for other language (only English), i suggest to add more language option, so that your user all around the world will feel way more comfortable using their own language.
  • For adition, please add some information (or usually called “About Us” menu) regarding to your contact person like your project email address, medium, phone number perhaps, group link, and your whitepaper or your project document on the very bottom or very top menu.


  • Please add feature like “recent tx / transaction history”.


  • Please add percentage feature (5%,10%,25%,50%,100%) when user about to do TX, rather than type it manually. It will shorten their time !

that’s all my feedback, thank you


Discord ID: Rieiluvjr#0029
Telegram ID: Rieiluvjr

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Very valuable suggestions :dart:, I am also in favor of :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.