My Testnet Feedback & Suggestion

Based on my experience, the testnet is a bit laggy.
And the bugs/issues I’ve encountered so far are the orderbook. The error message showing whenever I’m clicking it is “Oops! Something went wrong”, the report issue button below the error message is also not working. I tried clicking it many times but nothing changed. The other features work well for me, except for the issues I have stated above.
Also, my suggestion for better improvement is to make the transactions faster so that users won’t experience difficulties when interacting there. Thanks so much!

Stacks address: {STE381A3WG3P8S602KP14WGVXH7K3G96WHY8V02Q}

Stacks address: {SPE381A3WG3P8S602KP14WGVXH7K3G96WHPEVQ7W}