My Testnet Feedback/Suggestion

All of testnet, i think is well. I’m not find a bug or something wrong. But when i try to create limit order more high than price, website show error.
I think that is not good for your feature ORDERBOOK, because many people want to trade fast.
If like this, when price is growing up user cannot to buy, Because can’t place order more high than price.
i’ve put screenshoot below you can check it.
Ahhh one more. i’ve something request feature in bellow
~ Light/Dark UI
~ Page Portfolio/Dashboard for see all of my balance
~ And I think graph is looking so big. May you can shrink a little
graphics and zoom in a little Widget on the right and left.

Maybe just it feedback can me give,I’m so sorry my English is not good. Thanks has launch a testnet…

Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.