Need to log back into Hiro wallet when placing an order

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When placing the order, I was asked for my Hiro wallet password :astonished:
Despite the fact that Orderbook was (is) connected to it all the time :white_check_mark:
With a couple of orders from a few minutes ago, this was not necessary.
Is it planned to have to confirm every order with a password? :thinking:

Browser: Google Chrome (version): 105.0.5195.54


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Thanks for sharing all this feedback Mike_bear_1, in my experience the wallet only asks for the password when it is logged out from. You shouldn’t get the password on every order if you didn’t logout on the wallet extension. There is one exception. If you get an update of the chrome extension software (Hiro Wallet) then it automatically locks you out and you’ll need to enter the password again, same if you restart the browser.

Thanks Werner.btc :+1:
Actually that can happen, because Chome updates automatically.

BTW I saw a suggestion from one of the testnet users to confirm each order for security.
I can’t imagine that… :roll_eyes:
But I tested such a solution in another project.


When you click the “sign” in this dialogue, I would absolutely agree, for security you sign every transaction to prove you have access to the account.

In this case though, for the wallet, I do not believe it should pop up as often even if it is extra secure that way.

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That’s right :+1:
And I wrote about it, in connection with such a suggestion of another user of testnet: When confirming the order,should enter the wallet password

On CEX (e.g. Binance) we log in only once, and then trade already without the need to approve the order each time with a password.
Only deposit or withdrawal of deposits there requires double authorization (sms and @).

This is the current baseline, when we designed this, we are trying to maximize the “decentralization”,
hiro wallet sign is the best solution at the moment.

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I think the current solution is optimal :+1: