No deposit paid under 'Funds' tab

Stacks address:

One deposit consisting of 500 xUSD and 500 STX was made at approximately 1.30 p.m. (CET)
The transaction is visible in Hiro Wallet under the ‘Activity’ tab (screenshot #1)
To date, i.e. after almost 4 hours, this transaction is not visible in the ‘Funds’ tab in Orderbook.
The last deposits registered there are from Nov. 14. (screenshoot #2)
@fiftyeightandeight take a look at this test case, please. Thank you.

Browser: Firefox (version): 107.0 (64 bits)





Transaction - Stacks Explorer by Hiro [Testnet mode]

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Hi @mike_bear_1 I see the withdrawals in Funds now. Is everything ok, or was your concern the delay between your request and the actual withdrawal?

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Hi @fiftyeightandeight
Thanks for writing.
Yesterday I renewed my deposit and withdrawal orders.
The funds appeared in the Trading Account and then were withdrawn from it, according to the orders placed.
But not when I observed them yesterday (CET), they were not in the ‘Funds’ tab either. Similarly, the deposit withdrawal orders from November 19 were not visible.
I can’t check it at the moment, because we have a message on the site: “Oops! Something went wrong”
And the page doesn’t display."

Now I see that the site is back, but I don’t have test tokens on Hiro wallet and on the ‘Trading account’ as well :thinking: