No possibility of partial modification of values in 'Amount' and 'Total' fields

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I found such a small detail, but nevertheless a nuisance :face_with_monocle:
It’s about the inability to modify or delete a part (for example the end after the decimal point) of the value in the ‘Amount’ and ‘Total’ fields when entering an order :roll_eyes:
When I want to make a change, the entire value is selected.
Previously, it was possible to select only a part of it or it was possible to insert the cursor anywhere in an already entered value.
This way it could be modified quickly and easily :+1:
Now you have to enter it completely from scratch.
My request is to restore the previous functionality :pray:
Thanks :+1:

Google Chrome (version): 105.0.5195.127


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Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.

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