Open Orders with 0xUSD Price - bug

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It is practically impossible to place buy/sell orders of 0 xUSD. But 2 times I managed to do it.
It was not intended, but I am sending for analysis, as an interesting result of a test case.

Chan (@fiftyeightandeight) could you take a look at this, please? :pray:
Thanks :slight_smile:

Browser: Firefox (version): 106.0.5 (64 bity)



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And I find another one:


Order hash:

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And I have another case at 0 xUSD price.
I placed an order to sell 0.99859 xBTC with a ‘Limit Price’ of 15,462.7852 xUSD.
You can see them in Open Orders (screenshot 1)

Order hash


In ‘Order History’ you can see that an order for 0.3151 xBTC was executed (screenshot 2), In Trading account the remaining available 0.3151 xBTC. There is 0.36841 xBTC missing from 0.99859 xBTC.
In ‘Trade History’ this order has been split. The part was executed but with a price of 15.465 xUSD. The remaining one appears with the status ‘Failed’ and is settling again (screenshot 3 and 4).



I guess we caught the hiccup again :thinking:

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Such a detailed feedback

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Hi @mike_bear_1 thank you for (as always) the detailed feedbacks! We are following up and will keep you updated.

Hi @mike_bear_1 I can see that these settled with non-zero xUSD (you can see under Trade History), so I suspect it could be front-end display issue on Open Orders. We will confirm soon.

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Hi @fiftyeightandeight
Ok, I understand.
But I think it’s a bug after all, so it’s worth tracking it down and removing it.
I hope it can be reached and removed quickly :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @mike_bear_1 my team tells me this bug was fixed now, so please let us know if you see it again!
Thank you!

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Sure, I will :+1:
Thanks to you @fiftyeightandeight and the team :handshake: