Order execution time from matching to appearance of funds in Trading account - observation

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I checked today the time of total execution of the order. From the time it was matched in Orderbook to the time the funds appeared in the Trading account.
The first stage, that is, from the time of matching the buy/sell order to the time of its execution took about 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
The second stage, i.e. the time until the funds appeared in the Trading account took 26 minutes.

I think this is too long, however. Especially when the market gets hot and traders want to quickly buy cheaply or sell expensively their assets. But for this to be possible, they need to have the funds quickly on the Trading account.

The times mentioned are with nevertheless a small number of orders on Orderbook.
We still don’t know how the platform will behave when the market is hot, and there will be many more orders.

Therefore, I still encourage our community, including on Discord, to place more orders.
So that we are also not limited to testing just once, or just one day.
I think we should keep testing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for keep testing, it is the test stage, and we have observed the incentives for users are not that much, we will soon give more incentives before the mainnet launch.

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That would be something great :confetti_ball:
The opportunity to test this application is very important to me :+1:
That’s why I try to do a lot of exploratory testing (mostly use cases) on Alex Orederbook :face_with_monocle:
I am gathering experience, and I like blockchain, Bitcoin, Stacks and of course Alex :slightly_smiling_face: