Order Placed was Different to User Input

Stacks Testnet: ST37N35P4903CB8S91SHHYYQ3Q44Q3HCJS8RD4TKW
Stacks Mainnet: SP37N35P4903CB8S91SHHYYQ3Q44Q3HCJSBP8DCVF

Trading Pair: xBTX/xUSD

There was an order on the orderbook of 2 000.0001 xUSD at the rate of 0.09335

I inputted the equivalent BTC to cover only 2 000 xUSD.

My order went through immediately to the value of 2 000.0001

This is neglible in xUSD, but what about if it is in xBTC or at higher values when the extra 0.0001 placed in my order, against my actual input, could have significant value.

Thanks for your feedback, we have already noticed that issue, the matching engine will both deal with matching efficiency and also the problem of too fragmented tokens.
The common practice from different orderbook varies. we would like to find a balance between.

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Great stuff, wish you the best with that.