Orderbook (beta)

i want to use orderbook part in this site “https://app.testnet.alexlab.co/”. but i can not deposit or withdraw any token to site.
i swap many time in the site successfully and i have all needed token in my wallet.
what should i do to use “orderbook(beta)” in the mentioned site?

can you still add a screenshot of Hiro wallet when you have this problem?

the problem is that my trading account does not load. deposite and withdraw locked.

Hiro wallet looks good.
But it seems that you are trying to operate not on testnet Orderbook (2nd screenshot)
Your address in the browser is different from the one on testnet:
:point_right: ALEX Lab
Try using this and let us know if there it works, please.

I checked at my place and everything works.
I made two deposits and one withdrawal.
I’m using Google Chrome browser 107.0.5304.88 ver.

I think you may have just the wallet connected to the alextest network but the dapp is only signed into with the stacks.co public network. If you logout from there and then login on the dapp you will likely get the prompt with the correct network (alextest).

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i checked the addresses. my wallet address and site address are the same . (both of them is on testnet mode)

Thanks for checking this out :+1:
Are you still having this problem?
Have you tried maybe on another browser?
Brave? Mozilla?

yes i had.
i use brave browser.

Oh… not good.
What about Mozilla?
Could you check it still on that browser, please?